Over 30 years experience teaching organ & piano to all kinds of people from complete beginners to advance.

🎹  Would you like to learn piano or organ or wish to play to accompany yourself singing?

🎹  Are you a complete beginner or maybe you think you might be too old to start but would love to learn?

🎹  Maybe you can already play but just need a little inspiration?

🎹  Are you in a band and need help with some songs in your set or maybe you want to learn how to improvise?

🎹  Maybe you would like to learn Hammond organ technique?

Online Zoom Lessons

Zoom lessons are a very easy and a useful means of taking music lessons from the comfort of your own home however far away you are. I will send you simple joining instructions to help you get set up and connected quickly and easily. All you need to do is download and install Zoom then I will email you a link inviting you to the session which you click on to join. We can then do a free trial session to make sure you’re comfortable with the set-up before moving on to the lesson.

Stevie is a fantastic teacher to work with. He is very clear in his explanation and example, but he makes learning great fun too. He has a huge ‘back catalogue’ of musical knowledge and examples to draw on, and great ideas for encouraging creativity and innovation. His patience, dedication, and sense of humour make for a really enjoyable and motivating lesson for me every time I see him, and he has really helped me to move on with my piano playing and improvisation techniques. Recently we have also been using Skype and Zoom for some lessons, which means that he can continue teaching me when he is working away on tour. I’ve found this amazingly effective and I can highly recommend it as a really convenient alternative if location makes traditional lessons difficult. Ros Smith”